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L♡vely Lilac Smock Dress

Regular price $159.00

This dreamy lilac dress is a princess' fantasy come to reality! We've designed a versatile smock dress with an adjustable waist tie to synch you in perfectly.

This dress is made with chiffon fabric, a cotton collar and lining, and organza sleeves. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Allyson McCartney
Nice dress shame about the mistake

I was really excited to revive this dress as a gift and I love the design but the part where the skirt is connected to the top is asymmetrical and it looks very unflattering. I’m assuming this is a defect on the one I received because none of the photos I’ve seen of this dress have it but It’s really a shame because I really wanted to love this :(

Maranda Clem
Super cute! But too short

I love everything about this dress and being plus size it was incredible that it zipped up…but I’m also 6ft and this fits me like a shirt. The bust fits halfway down my chest and falls right at my hips. I’m gonna try and salvage it because the top half is sincerely my favorite part, but it’s disappointing that I have to take apart this dress and turn it into something completely different in order for it to be wearable.

A little too big for me

This dress is super adorable and exactly as pictured, but the sizing was a bit off for me. To be fair, I am a bit petite at 4”11, so I was aware of the possibility of the S/M not fitting me properly, but i just wanted to write this review in case anyone similar in size to me was wondering if this could fit them.

Without the belt, the dress is way too wide but even so, the shoulders look a bit oversized on me. The sleeves are so adorable, but again look like huge bubbles on my arms. The heart in the middle is big and without an undershirt would expose too much.

All in all, it’s a nice dress of decent quality, but I do wish they would include more sizes instead of just 3 for this dress to provide a better fit.

Emily Michelle
My new favorite dress

I absolutely love this dress fits great! I highly recommend the quality is amazing and it’s the perfect summer dress 💜

May M
Amazing quality, vibrant color dress! Fantastic happy with it!

I was delighted to finally receive my "Lilac Smock Dress" I appreciate it being versatile in ranging general size so that the fit would work for most. I love the details in the sheer sleeves with the flower embroidery. The neckline/collar is super cute and as many others have said here the heartshaped cut out is unique and not too flashy. If it does bother you or doesn't lay right, you can wear different colored tanks underneath for a nice contrast. Since it was a pre-order, I did have to wait awhile but it was totally worth the wait! I did a photoshoot recently at Roosevelt Island by the Cherry Blossom blooms. I will make sure to share once the photos are edited! Thank you!