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MDW Sale starts now! 20% off with code MEMORIAL20 site-wide ♡

MDW Sale starts now! 20% off with code MEMORIAL20 site-wide ♡

Forget business casual, we're princess casual! Welcome to a ready to wear princess aesthetic with maximum luxe comfort. We cater to the modern day magical girl who needs an everyday royal wardrobe to match each occasion of their enchanted life. And well…when you’re a princess - everything is magical! Everything from a trip to the museum to a day at work should have a perfect outfit to go with. Miss Candyholic has got you covered!

Miss Candyholic was first created as a username for a girl who loved sweet motifs. That love never changed and thus her brand grew to become a name for all her cute handmade designs. Soft pastels, vintage nostalgia, and dreamy silhouettes are just a few ways to describe Miss Candyholic.

Like any artist, she started out sewing everything on her own. As the business grew, we have outsourced small batches of clothing in China, California, and New York! Our values believe in fair wages and are against sweat shops of any kind. We also outsource independent contractors to help sew unique accessories.

Today, we are known world wide as your one stop shop for modern day whimsy, and continue to offer unique pieces that are undeniably magical. Miss Candyholic is proud to be independent and black female owned.