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Matcha Froggy Pinafore *pre order*

Regular price $155.00

This super cute corduroy frog dress is a fan favorite! 🐸

Preorders shipping in December.


Customer Reviews

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Bryana L.
I'm okay with being poor

A friend showed me this and that was the day I became broke (because I also bought the matching hat and bag)😔... Not really but you get my drift, so worth it!! I love the way it swings and I'm definitely gonna be looking into getting a pink petticoat for this. It's got pockets and it's comfy so of course it's perfect!💕 I do not regret one bit of spending all my money because I now have a matching froggy set and who doesn't love matching things? 🐸❤

Eh, not terrible but not great either

Overall it's not *bad* but I'm really not as impressed as I was with the pictures online or tiktoks I saw of people wearing theirs. There's quite a lot of strings hanging off the product, the corduroy is really thin and see-through in intense light, it's about 3 inches shorter on me than on the model which I couldn't know beforehand due to no length measurements on the site. The only saving grace for me is that this one is the right size. I ordered 3 pinafores (frog, duck, bear) and the only one that ended up the right size is this one. The bear and the duck are both about a size smaller - I'm just glad I ordered up a size from the start on those. Overall just kinda ok with my purchase, not "wowed" y'know? I also have to say quality and price do not match up in my opinion. These pinafores should be marked around $70-$100 at best, not $155 a pop. I feel I overpaid for what I got in a big way.

It’s so perfect!

I waited a while to buy this, waiting for it to come back in stock in my size and saving for it, but so worth it! The quality is incredible! Really well made, good quality soft material and fits really well! It’s so comfortable and feels so nice to wear. The skirt is really full so I could wear a petticoat under to make it full and show off the shape. It’s has pockets too! Including decent sized lined pockets is such a bonus! The shoulder straps are adjustable and accommodate really well - I’ve struggled with this style of dress before due to having big shoulders! The design is so cute and I’m really delighted! Postage was surprisingly quick to the uk as well!

Great Dress and Hat

Got the froggy dress with the cute froggy hat for the gf and she absolutely loves them. They're very cute and well-made pieces and the gf won't take the hat off. Great products.
If you want to get in well with your gf I would recommend this dress.

Emi Isenberg
If you are considering this dress, BUY IT

This dress goes above and beyond! Its so cute, super comfy, high quality AND HAS GIANT POCKETS!! what more could you ask for??