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Matcha Froggy Pinafore

Regular price $159.00


  • Corduroy
  • Embroidered face
  • Elastic waistband in back

Orders will ship by end of June.

Customer Reviews

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My daughter gifted me this wonderful pinafore for Christmas. My students LOVE when I wear it. *I* love when I wear it. It is comfortable and well made.

I need to find some more blouses to wear under it now that it is getting warmer.

Skylah Sheppard
Froggie dream come true

I was looking EVERYWHERE for a dress like this, I literally dreamt about it, was going to have one custom made- and then I saw the Matcha Frog Pinafore 💚 it's everything I wanted and more! It has POCKETS, the waistband is perfect, you can adjust the straps for different styling options, it's super comfy and well made! I also got the Froggie backpack, which is adorable and completes the look, though his head is a lil droopy. Also his carrying capacity is definitely more like a purse (as can be expected with most plushy backpacks, so not really a critique but just in case anyone was wondering)


Very cute !! the corduroy is super nice, and the dress is very well made. You can spin in it and just tell it’s super good quality ! Unfortunately, the bib and straps are a bit small :// It still fits, could just be a bit larger in those areas. I’m 5’9 and it’s a really nice length, but definitely gotta be careful about bending over ! The pockets are my favorite c: overall, very satisfied

Katlin G.
I like it

Overall, I'd say I'm satisfied. Looks cute and the sizing chart seems accurate. I'm fairly sure I got the right size, because it fits my waist well, but the upper part of the pinafore is smaller than it appears on the model. At first, this had me worrying that I wouldn't be able to fasten the straps over my shoulders. Thankfully, they're adjustable, so it wasn't an issue in the end. The pockets on the skirt came as a pleasant surprise. However, the corduroy is flimsier than I'd have hoped. In search of washing instructions, I found a tag which specifies that this is dry-clean only, 90% polyester, 10% nylon, and is made in China. Although it's an adorable pinafore, I have to admit that all things considered, I'm a little curious about the price being $159.

Hannah Pratt
The froggy dress of my dreams

It's literally the cutest dress I've ever bought. It fits like a glove, it's so ppofy and swishy both with and without a petticoat and there's so many ways I can style it. I'm so happy I finally bought this dress, it's already my favourite thing in my wardrobe!!!